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SOA & WOA Magazine on Ulitzer Although XML has been around for quite some time many developers still don't know too much about it. Not needing to know too much about it is one of XML's strengths, but cursory knowledge is rapidly becoming mandatory for all developers. This post will discuss some of the details of namespaces in XML. In XML a namespace is just that, a space (or area) identified by a name. When we look at a namespace such as http://novaenterprisesystems.com/schemas/purchaseorder we are not actually identifying a location on the web. Granted it does look like a URL and your browser will probably make you want to click it (don't bother, at least for now it doesn't actually go anywhere). In an XML document this simply means in a namespace that certain nodes of the document exist in this namespace. That is they are identified by their Element / Attribute na... (more)

Going Global – BizTalk in Global Deployments

I was recently approached by a client about what options they had for configuring BizTalk across their global enterprise. They really wanted to avoid idle servers and spread their processing load over their global enterprise as much as possible. They also wanted to have failover capabilities in case they lost their primary datacenter. I thought a lot about this and had some ideas, but it was immediately clear to me that ultimately SQL Server is the critical point of failure in a BizTalk deployment. I've used a few approaches in the past to address this, such as the typical Log S... (more)

Transactions in the WCF SQL Adapter

I was reading today a great blog entry by the immensely knowledgeable Richard Seroter about debatching inbound messages from biztalk wcf-sql adapter and was inspired to write some of my own musings on this great new adapter. Today will be transaction scopes.   The WCF SQL adapter allows you to choose to use the "Ambient" transaction or a different one when communicating with the Message Box. This means the adapter can enlist its communication with the Message Box (i.e. submission to BizTalk) in the same DTC as the read from the SQL database where the receive is happening. The... (more)

WCF Basic Http and Impersonation

I've been on a pretty serious WCF kick for the past few months and more and more I love it. I like even more how well BizTalk works with WCF. BizTalk is the application server you normally need to provide yourself to make WCF very useful. In Handling Binary Messages in Orchestrations I had mentioned that I used SQL Reporting Services via Web Services to run reports and do something with the output. As I had been experimenting with the solution I tried using both the SOAP Adapter and the WCF Adapter and found the WCF Adapter to be much more to my liking. Using the WCF Http Basic ... (more)

Orchestration vs. BAM Tracking

I've spent a lot of time lately designing stateless services and the schemas to enable them to be both stateless and extensible (which will be another post), but in doing so I began to realize that very often people embrace BizTalk Orchestration as the closest analogy to Business Process and tend to over leverage it in an attempt to unify and track their business processes. There certainly are times when an Orchestration is a business process, but often business processes will span multiple Orchestrations. Fortunately BAM and the TPE allow for this. So what's wrong with just mak... (more)